Cooperation with Pininfarina

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Update time : 2020-06-12 09:48:28

Pininfarina is a design company best known for designing Feraris. Founded in 1930 by Barttista Farina as a small workshop that designed and manufactured body parts, car design has been a business since the 1950s.


Pininfarina's multidisciplinary skills allow it to provide integrated solutions in different areas, from automobiles to buildings, from smart products to retail. This coincides with the plan of Lin Group to put forward the digitization exhibition hall of cars in 2018. In March 2019, The new retail concept proposed by Lin Group attracted Simon, a designer who had worked in Pinefalina for many years, to visit changchun Factory to study. From the traditional sign business to the emerging technology field, from appearance design to software application, Simon was highly praised.
And actively expressed the hope in the car showroom structure and virtual driving design to cooperate.
With and Pininfarina's cooperation, our production BMW interactive sales display platform has been used in BMW 4s store, novel and beautiful modelling attracts many sellers to stop, simple operation, young people under the sales staff to guide independent confirmation of order, shorten the sales process, improve the brand image, solve the problem of sales pain points.
Lin Group keeps forging ahead, developing and innovating with many famous design companies all over the world. Leading the transformation and upgrading of the automobile industry. Take the century-old enterprise as the goal and serve the society for life.